It's Good To Be Hard Gay! Hooooooo!

Thanks to some of my friends for showing me those “ridiculous at first but hillarious in the end” videos of Hard Gay, I’ve recently become exposed to the fabulous faux queer magnificence of Hard Gay and all I can say is…
On the one hand, I know I should be offended by the stereotype that Hard Gay represents. On the other hand, it’s pretty damn funny and that excuses most anything in my world. In his black leather outfit of biker cap, sleeveless jacket, and Daisy Dukes, Hard Gay doesn’t just flame, he’s a strutting, gyrating inferno of potent homosexuality. His signature move is grabbing his hands together and gyrating his crotch while yelling, Hooooooooo!
You’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty damn catchy.
Considering the impulse to often stereotype gay men as effeminate and mincing, it’s relatively nice to see a gay character who’s intensely butch without being bitchy, who’s friendly and happy and helpful and openly sexual. There’s no self-loathing, no self-consciousness - and a signature fashion sense, come to think of it.
And yes, Hard Gay wants to help people. No, let’s rephrase: he is ridiculously eager about helping those around him. No job is too small - not even picking up garbage - nor is any job too big, such as promoting a ramen shop. He’s constantly running all over the place, he’s so full of energy and a desire to give his fellow man a big helping hand. But just because he wants to help doesn’t mean he’ll act any different. He runs up to people and begins helping people without even waiting for them to ask, still gyrating and woo-ing at the top of his lungs.
And apparently, this freaks people out.
For example, when he decides to run a Hard Gay rickshaw taxi service, he scares the hell out of a business man whom he offers a ride. He tries to chase down the business man to explain his intentions, but that doesn’t seem to help matters any further. In essence, then, Hard Gay is a heartfelt lesson about not looking a gift horse in the mouth… or in its leather-bound gyrating crotch, either.
That said, Hard Gay isn’t without his own moments of discomfort - such as when he’s playing with children in the playground and, lying backwards down a slide, a little girl shows up between his legs. Then a little boy tries to press Hard Gay’s thighs onto the girl and you can hear our poor leather-clad hero’s dismay at the situation.
Of course, Hard Gay is just a character being played by a straight comedian, Razor Ramon Sumitani. (Razor?)
That said, he’s already done a great deal of good in my life. For starters, he’s recontextualized Ricky Martin’s “Living La Vida Loca” for me. As it’s Hard Gay’s anthem - it often plays as he goes about his good deeds in the clips - it’s now a source of unfettered joy and outrageous homosexual flaunting, instead of… well, whatever it used to be to me. (And in the surprise bonus department, one clip begins with the excellent Specials song, “A Message to You, Rudy”.) I will never hear any Ricky Martin again without thinking of Hard Gay.
But from what I understand, I’m probably way behind the curve in that respect.
More seriously, I believe that Hard Gay represents a universal desire to be loved for who we are, to take care of people out of a sense of goodness in our hearts, and to make funny noises in public whenever we can get away with it. We have all felt these things, we know what Hard Gay goes through.
In a sense, there’s a little Hard Gay in all of us.
Hard Gay's Videos
(WARNING! INSANELY FUNNY!!! Don't watch while eating or drinking...)
Father's Day (Subtitled)

Tomy (Subtitled)
Television (Subtitled)
Yahoo! (Subtitled)
Hiromi GO (Subtitled)
For better enjoyment, plz watch in order.
Father's Day first, Hiromi GO last...
(No Adult Content, trust me!)


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