Simple Pleasure

Living big and joyful and content is almost always the result of our finding pleasure in the simplest things. ~ H Jackson Brown ~

Kadang saking sibuk ma kehidupan sehari2, kita ngerasa jenuh, ngerasa ga punya waktu buat refreshing dan bersenang2. Padahal sebenernya banyak cara untuk menikmati hidup, melalui sesuatu yg bener2 simpel. Di bawah ini ada list mengenai hal2 simpel yg dapat kita lakukan untuk menyenangkan hati kita. (Bukan buatan gua, tapi kompilasi dari berbagai sumber)

- Begin each day with your favorite music

- Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it’s just a daisy in a jelly glass

- Take off your watch when on vacation and on weekends

- Treat yourself to a massage

- Re-read your favorite book

- Take a nap on Sunday afternoons

- Learn to make bread

- Surprise loved ones with little unexpected gifts

- Type out your favorite quotation and put it where you can see it everyday

- Buy a box of animal cookies and share them with a child

- Compliment three people every day

- Keep a special notebook. Every night before going to bed, write down something beautiful that you saw during the day

- Kiss slowly

- Forgive quickly­

- Call three friends on Thanksgiving/Christmas and tell them how thankful you are for their friendship

- Put a lot of little marshmallows in your hot chocolate

- Take some silly photos of yourself and a friend in an instant photo booth

- Dip your feet in a creek every chance you get

- Hold babies, kittens, and puppies any time you get a chance

- Vacuum while barefoot

- Play a kite on a windy spring days

- Stop at a playground and try out the swings and slide

- Memorize your favorite love poem

- Buy an inflatable pillow for your bathtub and office chairs

- Never miss an opportunity to sleep on a screened in porch

- Never regret any money spent on books or fresh flowers

- Never refuse a holiday dessert

- Believe in miracles but don’t depend on them

- Use a picture of a loved one as a bookmark

- Remember three universal healers : calamine lotion, warm oatmeal, and hugs

- Say something positive as early as possible every day

- Don’t forget that all important truths are simple

Tuh, ga susah kan ternyata? Saran dari gua, copy tulisan di atas ini dan tambahin kalo pembaca sekalian punya ide yg belum gua tulis di atas, terus print di sebuah kertas kecil dan taruh di dompet. Everytime you feel bored or tired, look at the list. You'll be amazed by the result. I've been doing this for almost a year now, and it worked =)


  1. nice! kiss slowly! i like that haha

    great blog, kev "D

  2. reread? wah, aku jarang baca lagi buku2 fave ku. krn dah tau ceritanya.


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