A Verse From The Past

The tears welled inside me
the pain tore within,
At the loss of the love
I thought I could win

This love that I yearned for
and love that I knew
This love that I found
and I found it in you.

My soul forever remembers
the laughter bestowed
And my love, like the ocean
has swelled and has flowed,

The tide of your love
has ebbed by the shore,
And a sweet love expected
is expected no more.

I’m blessed to have loved you
though briefly it seems-
Too far were our hearts
too distant our dreams

And though love unrequited
has saddened my heart,
I’m richer for friendship
you shared from the start.

For someone who used to be a special person my life...you know who you are =)


  1. wah wah so sweet. itu gambar kucingnya lucu amat. niru adegan titanic ya. hhahahaa

  2. Ho oh, gua nemu di mana ya? Lupa


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