Things I've Learned About Love

Sometimes destiny isn't always good. It tends to play with your mind and your heart. When you meet someone you learned to love, you thought that it was destiny who made your path cross. But what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game that the playful destiny create? Making you realize in the end that the person you thought that was destined for you wasn't really meant to stay. What if he/she is only destined to make you feel love and leave you when you're already fallen?

When your feelings get strong for someone it's always wise to stop for a while and give your heart a time to breathe. A time to use your mind to weight the situation based on reason not on emotion. Because the saddest thing that can happen is when one fall in love while the other wants nothing more than friendship. Love can sometimes be magic, but magic can sometimes be an illusion.

When someone we love left us, we often hate and blame that person without trying to place ourselves in his/her steed. You know, it's not easy to state a reason when you decide to leave your love. Some might think it is just an excuse, some might not actually believe, and some will blame you. What they don't see is the fact that it hurts you even more to hurt someone who doesn't deserve to be hurt, especially when you can't actually state the reason why you have to leave.

You can never own something that was never yours to begin with. Stop gripping on things we expect to last forever. Nothing last forever, forever is a lie. So while you have something in your hand, put in mind that it's just borrowed so that someday when it's gone it won't take you eternity just to let it go. One of the reason why people gets sentimental, it's because memories are the only thing that don't change when everything else does. There are things in life that you can't hold on forever, no matter how much you fight for it.

Someday we'll all be looking back to those days when we learned to love, get hurt, cry, and fight. Maybe when that time comes, we'll all be laughing at our old dumbselves. Realizing how stupid we were to stand up for the things we know weren't really meant for us. But I guess learning takes time and mistakes, and it makes one's journey fun.

Life is what we make it; love makes the world go around.
So let's live, love, and take whatever it brings.
Though it's hard to wait around for something that I know will never happen,
it's harder to stop when I know it's everything I've always wanted =)


  1. This post explains everything I ever felt. I love the way and the simplicity you explain everything.

    It helps when people make words on what you're feeling.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the visit, Im glad that you can gain something from it =)

  3. hffhh.. aku nangis lagii deh.. hadew hadew hadew..

    makasi banget udah nulis ini. it gives me a diffrent point of view.

    tau ga?? ini semacam i hate goodbye nya adam young.

    thank you, thank you so much. boleh kopas kaah??

  4. When someone I love left me, I just trying to accept that I'm not the one yet for him...And he must have the right reason..

  5. When someone I love left me, I just trying to accept that I'm not the one yet for him...And he must have the right reason..

  6. love this post. is it ur own experience?


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