Tell Me

If your heart could talk,
tell me, what would it say?

Would it apologize deep in its soul
that things worked out this way?

Or would it laugh with a deep hollow sound,
that game you always play?

I see the taunting in your eyes,
every second of every day.

If your heart could listen,
tell me, what would it hear?

The crack of my heart shattering,
or the rhythmic echo of tears?

Or maybe a gasp of failing breath
caused by your wake of lonely fear?

My mind is slowly dying
because you left thing so unclear.

If your heart could touch,
tell me, what would it feel?

Would it reach out for this flesh and blood,
you can't deny is real?

Or would it bask in such delight,
waiting for my final appeal?

I sit here, now that the damage is done,
your conscience is so unreal.

If your heart had vision,
tell me, what would it see?

That cold and icy bitterness inside
that only you can be?

Or would it ever realize it's alone,
for I will no longer plea?

Would it ever stop looking beyond its sight,
tell me, would it ever see me?

(c) Keven 2003

"I'm 99% sure she doesn't like me, 
but it's the 1% that keeps me hanging on..."


  1. ah udah mantep mantep ke tekape bhasa nya..
    *minta translate..

  2. I think you made a mistake when counting it.

    "but it's the 0.1 % that keeps me hanging on..."

    what about the 0.9% of the rest ? LOL

  3. Ah, iya bener...udah gua perbaiki sekarang, hehehe...thanks

  4. gak smua ngrti artinya c tp bagian yg ngerti artinya manteb ehehehheheh :D :D


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