Wrestlemania 28 Match Cards and Predictions

Wrestlemania is going to be huge this year. Will it be the best of all time? I doubt that very much. But will it be one of the best in recent years? I'd argue that it will be. Most of the matches promise to be solid, and celebrity involvement will only add to the atmosphere. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan, that I am sure of.

This year, we get at least three most anticipated match and the main event itself is a huge draw. It's not just a Icon vs Icon match, it's the Clash of Generations. The WWE Universe was split between two factions : Cenation representing the PG Era dan Team Bring It representing the Attitude Era. I do hope that this is not just a "Once-In-A-Lifetime" match but this was just the beginning of something huge.

Anyway, it's time for my Wrestlemania XXVII prediction

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy
Even though Team Teddy consist of fan-favorites, they're all jobber who'd never win a shot at WWE/World Titles, except Booker T. Meanwhile Team Johnny was filled with strong heel and four of them was former world champions. Judging from the team members (unless WWE want to make this match an eye-candy to make the kids happy), I predict that Team Johnny will win the match. The World Strongest Man, Mark Henry, will be Team Johnny's ace to pick up the win. Laurinaitis will be the GM for both shows after Wrestlemania for a while.

Prediction : Team Johnny defeat Team Teddy.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix

This maybe the easiest outcome to predict. Kelly Kelly will win to make the fans happy. This match is just an eye-candy, with crappy build-up. Never mind this match.

Prediction : Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos wins.

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (c) vs Big Show

If Big Show wins, not only he would break his Wrestlemania Losing Streak but also become the next Grand Slam champion for having ever held all the active titles in WWE. Considering his recent feud that makes him over with fans (especially kids), I predict that Big Show will win the match. It's time for Cody to set his sight on becoming the next World Heavyweight Champions.

Prediction : Big Show defeat Cody to win the IC Title.

Randy Orton vs Kane
Another match with crappy build up. But considering these two, they still could put on a great match regardless of bad storyline. Ever since his return Kane has been booked as a monster; bigger, badder, stronger than before...but still...his vengeance is not enough to grant him a clean victory over Orton or Cena because last time I checked, both was still WWE's Golden Egg. The Viper will defeat The Big Red Jobber.

Prediction : Randy Orton defeat Kane.

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs Sheamus

I actually looking forward to this match, regardless of what people might say. Both was a good performer and could put up a good match. I think Bryan is doing a great job as a coward WHC Champion so extending his reign might be a good idea. But still, Sheamus was highly over with fans recently and now would be a good time for WWE to crown him as champion so that he could help WWE to put more butts on seats on future events.

Prediction : Sheamus defeat Daniel Bryan to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE Championship
CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho

Jericho and Punk was a great ring performer and this match could be Match of The Year candidate. Both was my favorite wrestler so if possible I want both of them to win. LOL. Anyway Punk was greatly over with fans since Money In The Bank and from the way I see it, WWE has finally recognized him as a real deal. Since I heard Jericho has extended his contract with WWE until Summerslam, WWE could give him one last run as heel WWE Champion to satisfy the older fans...but not at Wrestlemania. In the end of the match, Cult of Personality hits, and you will hear Justin Roberts said "Your winner, and STILL the WWE Champion, C-M PUUUUNK!!!"

Prediction : CM Punk defeat Chris Jericho, retain the WWE Title.

The End of An Era - Hell In The Cell
The Undertaker vs Triple H /w Shawn Michaels as Special Referee
This was the most anticipated match of the night. From what I heard, this could be Taker's retirement match so there are many speculations flowing. Will HHH end the streak and retire Taker for good? Or will the streak continues 20-0 (a beautiful number) and Taker retire, ending an era, still as undefeated?
Personally, I like the second outcome. So yeah, I think HHH will push Taker to the limit and there might be some controversy with Shawn, but in the end, Taker will hit the Tombstone and Shawn will call the match 1, 2, 3 when HHH's shoulder was down on the mat.

Prediction : Still undefeated, Undertaker's streak lives on...20-0

Once In A Lifetime 
John Cena vs The Rock
This was the biggest draw of this year's Mania and also the hardest match to predict. I think this match is similiar to Rock vs Hogan match in Wrestlemania X8 ten years ago. Back then, Rock defeat Hogan clean and gain his respect. Thus, the torch has been passed, from Hogan to Rock, and Rock become the legitimate WWE's flagship. Im sure WWE made this match to do the same thing, to make Rock pass the torch to Cena, BUT the situation now is different from back then.

10 years ago, Rock was fan favorite. Even though under some circumstances people boo him, deep inside, they still love him. And when The Rock leave WWE for Hollywood, he's leaving in his own terms and fans didn't take it as bad as Goldberg/Lesnar's case in WM20. Meanwhile, fans used to love Cena before, but after years of bad bookings and boring "Superman" gimmick, fan started to hate him.

If WWE make Rock lose to Cena on this match, it would not make them love Cena, like how they did with Rock ten years ago. No. What will happen is, they will hate it and BOO Cena even more. Sure, there are still a lot of kids and women who will blindly cheer for Cena regardless of how boring he is, but the majority of adult male fans wouldn't like it and there's a good chance WWE will lose their affection. The WWE doesn't want this, it didn't serve their original purpose, the torch can't be passed this way.

So here's what WWE should do. Let The Rock defeat Cena this time, clean or controversial, it doesn't matter. And thus, make Cena issue a rematch for WM 29. After all, I've read in some news online that The Rock has confirmed that he will appear in WM29. Im sure we can interpret this as WWE and The Rock has extended their contract due to the recent increase of income for both WWE and Rock's movie.

In the meantime between WM28 and WM29, let Cena tweak his character. Let him show some emotions, let him have some flaw in his persona, give him some new wrestling moves, give him some good feuds. Im not telling WWE to turn Cena heel, but please, just make him look a little more HUMAN. And after a great deal of effort and gruesome match at WM29, let Cena finally win over The Rock, this time, CLEAN.

This is just my suggestion for WWE, but I trust they also have come up with a good plan for this once in a lifetime match. No matter what the outcome, I believe that The Rock will lay a smackdown on Cena's candy ass this Sunday and the show will goes off with The Rock music playing and he's posing at the top turnbuckle.


Prediction : The Rock defeat John Cena 


  1. gua iyain aja dulu yak bang
    sory lemah di bahasa inggris anenya XD

    1. Iya santai, untuk kali ini gua sengaja nulis pake bahasa Inggris supaya orang bule juga bisa baca, hehehe

  2. Kev, itu gambar2nya dapet dari mana ? Keren tuh buat wallpaper. Minta sourcenya dong.

    1. Google Image. Keywordnya Wrestlemania 28 terus masukin nama orangnya, misal 'Cody Big Show"...terus pilih2 deh dari sekian gambar yg ada di sana, hehehe...

  3. ini gamenya? keknya gam nih...

  4. The rock sekarang berewokan yah?gak keren kek dulu lagi ahh,wkwkw kek goldberg aq liatnya

  5. unfortunately, you don't tell about rikishi, my face wrestler... :P

  6. My Wrestlemania winners prediction are:

    team teddy
    big show
    randy orton
    maria and kelly
    cm punk
    undertaker (I want triple h to win but I know he is not going to)
    john cena(actually I hate him,but sometimes when I look at his hardwork,My feeling says Cena,but actually I support The Rock by the way)...

  7. mantap prediksinya gan ! cuma meleset satu.. kane defeated randy orton ..yyeeaahhh

  8. The Rock Defeated Cena !!

    Tepat !!


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