Wrestlemania 29 Match Cards and Predictions

These times of the year are usually the best time for us, wrestling fans, because starting from Royal Rumble in January until Wrestlemania in April, WWE will give us the best matches and feuds they can offer and everything will culminate in The Grandest Stage of Them All, WRESTLEMANIA.  But for some reason, I'm not really excited with this year's Wrestlemania.

One of the biggest reason is the rematch between The Rock vs John Cena. Don't get me wrong, years ago, I thought that this match was only a "Dream Match" that only could possibly happen inside games or fan-fiction. So when The Rock finally back and challenge Cena in last year's Wrestlemania 28, it was like a dream come true. I was super excited through all the build-up over the years. And the outcome of the match was also not disappointing.

I like John Cena, but in the last few years, his character has become so stale and his "Superman"-like attitude has bored me to death. So last year, when The Rock finally beat the crap out of him fair and square in the Grandest Stage of Them All, I screamed happily at the top of my lungs. Looking at The Rock standing tall and posing at the top turnbuckle to end last year's Wrestlemania, I can't help but burst to tears. He was my childhood's hero, and he will always be.

But this year, I doubt the same thing will happen. Even though The Rock was actively involved in many WWE's events throughout 2012-2013, his main focus was still the Hollywood. And with the success of his recent movies, he will get more roles offered to him and I doubt he can keep working "part-time" with WWE.  Especially now that he hold the championship belt.

So yeah, even though this year's Wrestlemania could be "The Most Predictable Wrestlemania of All Time", I would still give out my predictions and thoughts for all of you, my dear readers. Well, I only WWE related article (and in English) about once or two times a year, so it wouldn't hurt to keep reading, right? =)

Pre-Show : Intercontinental Championship
Wade Barret (c) vs The Miz

So, WWE choose to defend the 26 years old prestigious IC Title on the Pre-Show? This title, with its great lineage of champions, is held in such little regard now that it will be defended before the show really even begins? I miss the good old times, IC Title used to be the most important singles title below the WWE Championship. It WAS a stepping stone for future World Champions. But right now, much like the United States Championship (which isn’t even on the card), the title is pretty meaningless.

The WWE Universe seems to be behind Miz now that he is a face, movie star, and was (ab)using Ric Flair's Figure-4-Leg-Lock, but I don't buy it. For me, face Miz is even more annoying than when he was a heel. Barret also isn't faring much better. Ever since his return from injury, he never get a real push and hasn’t seemed to be able to get that heat back he had when he was the leader of The Nexus. Anyway, I still think that Barret has more opportunity to grow with IC Title on his shoulder better than The Miz. If WWE Creative team still has some brains left, they will let the title stay with Barret a little longer. But since The Miz has more publication power than Barret, WWE will give the title to him anyway.

Prediction : Miz wins, become the new IC Champion.

What Should Happen : Barret defeat Miz, retains IC Title.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Tons of Funk and Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins

This match is just an eye-candy and a waste of time. They should have put IC Title or US Title on the card instead of this crappy mixed tag team match. I don't really bother with the outcome of this match but because The Funks has been on losing streak lately on weeklies, I think WWE will let them win the big one and send the kids home happy (and encourage them to buy more merchandise). I feel bad for the Bella Twins, WWE are bringing them back only to make them lose the first big match for the kids' sake.

Prediction : Tons of Funk and Funkadactyls wins.

What Should Happen : Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins wins.

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

If you talk about a loyal retainer who has give so much to the industry, he is none other than Chris Jericho. Jericho has put over many young superstars in the past, and I'm sure he will do it again this time. WWE won't make Fandango lose his first ever match.

Prediction : Fandango wins.

Ryback vs Mark Henry

After 15 years in the business, WWE finally take Henry seriously and turn him into a legitimate monster in 2011. Too bad, injuries got him and he was sidelined for quite a long time last year. Ryback, meanwhile, was embraced by the WWE Universe faster than anybody could and has been in a high-profile feud throughout the years with CM Punk and The Shield.

On paper, this looks like a brutal encounter where two huge monsters will fight it out to figure out who is the biggest dog in the yard, but from my point of view, this match will be a short and to-the-point one where of course Ryback, who still has a long years ahead of him, will feed on Henry.

Prediction : Ryback wins.

Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

From what I see, WWE seems to be running out of ideas about what they should do with their MITB holder. So, they decided to put on this match between a team consist of two former World Champions who has proven their worth as one of the best tag team ever in the recent years against two people who has never actually competed as a team on live television. With this lack of storyline, I don't see Kane and Bryan will drop their title here.

Prediction : Kane and Daniel Bryan wins.

World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Jack Swagger

The prestigious belt that was once worn by Ric Flair and a lot of past champions with greatness was defended in 18 seconds at last year’s Wrestlemania, in the opening match, and not to mention that last year's match had more heat around it than this year’s match. WWE has tried to push Jack Swagger as a legitimate heel with his new gimmick (and a very cool entrance song, in my opinion), but he’s just not performing as he should. The majority of the promos are done by Zeb Colter, while Swagger stands behind him screaming "We The People" like an idiot. Not to mention that he was caught for drugs possession recently and he could have a suspension waiting for him from WWE. Nah, if I were WWE, I wouldn't risk giving him the title.

Prediction : Alberto Del Rio wins, retains WHC Title.

What should happen : Alberto Del Rio wins, Ziggler attack him and cash in the MITB. 1...2...3...! Here is your winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler!!!

The Shield vs Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show

WWE has made so many stupid moves in the past that ruin the superstar's career or momentum, like what they did to Zack Ryder and CM Punk lately. But to my disbelief, they finally able to do one thing right and that is The Shield. Ever since their debut, The Shield has taken over WWE with their unique style of offense and the wolf-pack mentality (I still think that Triple Powerbomb is lame though) and so far they have been able to beat anything that cross against them.

The Shield could win against the All-Stars Team (Cena, Sheamus, Ryback) in last PPV, it's just don't make sense if they lose to this one. There are also some rumors that WWE planned to turn Orton heel to feud against Sheamus and what is a better place than The Grandest Stage of Them All? Just please don't make him the new leader of The Shield, I beg you!

Prediction : The Shield wins.

What should happen : Orton lay Sheamus down with RKO after a miscommunication and begin another heel turn.

No Holds Barred

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

WWE bring Lesnar back as a monster in the first RAW after last year's Wrestlemania but they ruined the momentum by making him "job" to John "Superman" Cena in Extreme Rules (even though Lesnar clearly dominated Cena all around the match). Realizing their mistake, they start to book him right and even elevate him with a clean win over Triple H at last year's Summerslam.

Before, I used to think that maybe WWE can still push Lesnar as a monster by making him beat Triple H for the second consecutive times and thus opening a chance for a third battle or another good storyline against another opponent. But when they put a stipulation that Triple H's career is on the line, the outcome become so predictable. A part-timer like Lesnar won't be the one who ends The Game's career, and with Shawn Michaels' involvement in this match, Lesnar's fate is sealed. Even though the result are obvious, I still expect this one to be a good fight.

Prediction : Triple H wins.

CM Punk vs The Undertaker

Undertaker is most certainly at the end of his career. His body has been battered, bruised, operated on, and worn down to the point of no return. I really didn’t want him to come back this year. After last year's ultimate battle, I want him to retire undefeated. But here we are, he is back for his yearly visit to defend his streak against a man that has had one of the longest WWE title reigns in recent history.

I don't really like the storyline that involved Punk mocking the late Paul Bearer. If WWE want us to think that Punk really could threaten Taker's streak, they should make it more personal. With the right storyline, CM Punk COULD be the one that end Taker's streak but with this year's poor bookings that seems rushed and lack of preparation, I really couldn't expect unexpected result.

Taker will win somehow and the streak continues. The match wouldn't be so intense either due to Taker's bad condition. But I have a confidence that the both of them could work well to deliver the best they have to offer, even overshadow the main event match between Rock and Cena. It won’t be pretty, but it should be entertaining nonetheless. Match of the Year's candidate.

Prediction : Undertaker wins. 21-0.

Greatness vs Redemption
WWE Championship
The Rock (c) vs John Cena

Rock becoming the WWE Champion and Cena winning the Royal Rumble, all was just a set-up for the rematch where Rock will "pass the torch" and "give back to the industry". He will lose to elevate Cena, the face of the company. John Crappy Cena will once again become a WWE Champion, the kids will go home happy...unlike last year...and WWE will got tons of money from new Cena's merchandise. Can you guess what is the next color for Cena's T-shirt?

Thank you, Rocky. We enjoyed it while it lasts...

Prediction : Cena become the NEW WWE Champion and everything goes back to the way it was...

What should happen but DEFINITELY WILL NOT happen : 
Cena shock the WWE Universe by cheating to win and turn heel, adding some new layers to his "stale" character and write down the biggest and most controversial HEEL turn in WWE history that will be remembered for the generations to come while sealing the "Third Battle" between him and the enraged The Rock in the future where he will win again, this time cleanly, and seal his legacy as one of the greatest superstar of all time.

Thanks for reading this article. I'm sorry if I sounds bitter about this year's Wrestlemania. I just very disappointed with the way WWE book Wrestlemania 29. Anyway, even though the outcome is predictable, I still earnestly hope that this year's Wrestlemania will be still enjoyable to watch. I hope WWE still have one or two surprises up their sleeves and I would be more than glad if WWE can outsmart my prediction and treat us, their loyal fans, with unexpected plot twist.

Prove me wrong, WWE!


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    1. Because that blog is purely for my experience in China =)

  6. Well predicted. Or was it just because the whole show was already ridiculously predictable even from the beginning?

    1. I think it was the second one, hahaha. But damn, I miss one...


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