10 Years Ago

Today, ten years ago, is the day that I will always remember.

It's the day when for the first time in my life, someone finally accepted me for who I really am.
It's the day when someone finally said "yes" to me and really meant it, giving me the courage and confidence to always strive to be a better person...

It's the day when I finally knew what happiness truly is.

And, for that special someone in my life (you know who you are),
I just want you to know that...

...no matter where you are...
...no matter who you're with...
...no matter what we've become...

...there are this special place in my heart, always reserved for you.

For you are the one who cast away the darkness of my past...
For you are the one who showed me the way...

For you are the one that gave me a reason to believe...
In love
In you
In myself

There are no one like you
And no one shall ever replace your place
Because without you
There wouldn't be me

I am here today because of you
And everything you've taught me

You taught me to laugh
You taught me to cry
You taught me to cook
You taught me to write
You taught me to sing

And most of all, you taught me to love

You're the reason why I never gave up my dream
Because deep inside my heart, I always knew
That you were always there, watching over me

I wanna make you proud
So that one day you were able point at me
Smiling, and said

"He is my ex-boyfriend
And he is a good person
We are not together now
But he is one of the nicest person I've ever known"

And even though I won't be able to
Hold your hands
Ever again
I will always cherish you
And our memories

Every moment
And forever

I will never forget
How good it was
To share a part of my life

With you

Thank you for loving me


I love you not only for who you are
But for what I am when I am with you


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