40 Funny English Translations Fail in China


It's a number one list in Lonely Planet latest edition...

So we chop their head off, and cook them...

As if the kidnappers would give you a chance to call huh?

In Guangdong Province we ate everything...including perverts

Because they like to scare people and give you some nice ass-whoopin'.

Please clean up before you die. Thanks!

Hotness Level : Above 9000!!!

Nice discount for Grim Reaper only...

Manicure set for real man only...

And make sure he never sees another sunrise...

Poor duck...

Will burn fat and put more curves in your hips...

They don't give a d@mn about your order anyway...

Can I get a f*cking heart exam too?

This supermarket is definitely not a PG-13...

For emergency situation only!

And cry gracefully after that...

Quick, grab it!

Oh, stop it...you...

Freshly cut...

Such irresistible offer.


I see what you did there, Magneto...

Heritage of Qin Dynasty.

No kidding please!

Because divorce was too complicated.

All muscle and no brain indeed.

We sell yellow ones and black ones...fresh from the toilet...

They even eat cats...and children?

No camera please!

Hot mushroom groped by vegetables!

Because setting fire to the rain is too mainstream!

For New Year's celebration.

Made from Adamantium.

Effectively reduced the population.

The sheeps needs you.

Because falling down normally is too mainstream.

They even cooked wikipedia!!!

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23 Orang pembaca meninggalkan jejak di sini

  1. manucure setnya aneh ada tang hehehe

  2. Buset itu beneran om?
    Serem amat :v :v :v

    Moral of the story ; google translate doesn't always right :v

    1. Moral of the story : Don't f*ck the vegetables. LOL

  3. wkwkw , ngakak bacanya gan wkwk ...
    Kunjungan pertama gan , salam kenal .

  4. bahahahaahahaaaammmmm...
    *buka translitedulu*

  5. :D ngakak di kamar sendiri

  6. haha. .....vegetables ? what does it means ?

  7. lucu lucu omm :D kekeke

  8. Do not Disturb, Tiny Grass is dreaming... LoL

    banyak yg ekstreem juga :(

  9. hahaha.. gile itu lucu2 bgt.. gw kayaknya kalo kesana harus translate satu2, trus put it in correct word n sentences hahahha

  10. Tulisan-tulisan yang begitu itulah sebetulnya daya tarik buat mengundang pengunjung. Hahaha

  11. ceritanya ada pasangan yang bulan madu ke Tiongkok
    cowok : sayan, mau maem apa
    cewek : terserah (whatever)
    cowok : (bhs Mandarin) waiters, whatevernya 1 piring ya

  12. Hahaha,, ini trik untuk buat orang-orang luar pada akhirnya memperkenalkan China lewat media. Tuh kan lo jadi tergugah untuk ngepost tentang ini Bang. Ngomong2 udah netep di China Bang? udah lama gak mampir kemari.. :D

    1. Kaga Feb, lagi S2 sekarang, masih dua tahun lagi sebelum lulus hehehe

  13. 非常に面白い :v kalau kagak tau translate aja artinya :D

  14. mau ketawa... tapi kayaknya dulu pernah ngelakuin salah translate juga (T.T
    *ga jadi ketawa*

  15. Menunjukan d china inggrisnya bener2 parah...


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