Short Escape To Tebing Keraton

Not every story has a happy ending. 
Sometimes, on rare occasions, you get that one story that doesn’t end with 
"And they lived happily ever after." 
But that doesn't mean that it's not worth telling.

So today me and a few friends of mine went to see the sunrise from the famous "Tebing Keraton". But when we arrive there at 4 am in the morning, the place was closed and only open at 8 am. The sunrise and the fog will already be gone by then.

The villagers nearby point us to a nearby old watchtower, they said we can get a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise from the top. What we didn't expect was, the path the tower was so muddy and slippery (and not to mention that I didn't wear proper hiking shoes). I slipped and fell down so many times on the way there. My clothes and hair are covered in dirt.

In the end we are to reach the tower and enjoy the beautiful view from above. It's not what we expected, but at least we didn't come for nothing. On the way home I did some contemplation and found out  that what I experienced this morning was an exact reflection of what happened in my life this year.

I've been in a relationship with my ex-fiancee for 7 years. I always imagined how exciting our future together will be. I made so many plans and dreams together with her. What place I would like to visit with her, what kind of life we will have together, we even already a name planned for our first kid! 

This is similar to what we feel this morning when we depart to Tebing Keraton. We've seen a lot of photos online and we expect to see a breathtaking view on the site. But when we arrived, unexpectedly, the site was closed. The gate was locked and there's no way through. Just like how my relationship, unexpectedly, hit the dead end.

We asked around and decided to go to the watchtower instead, but the path are so bad that we fell many many times. I know that my relationship has hit a dead end, but back then I refused to give up. I try to find a way around, trying to save what couldn't be saved, and in the process, me and her, we hurt each other, a lot.

In the end, even though I didn't get the breathtaking view of Tebing Keraton that I wanted, I still managed to get a glimpse of it, from the top of the tower. Even though me and my ex-fiancee wasn't able to stay together, but we did love each other, with everything that we have. Those 7 years that we've spent together, was a glimpse of how our life could have been.

Well it was not what I expected to see, but the view from the top of the watchtower was also breathtaking in its own way. Just like those 7 years I've spent with her. I didn't expect the ending, but I didn't regret every seconds that I've spent with her.

You let someone in. You loved. You gave your heart. You were happy, for a period of time. And that’s not a mistake, no matter the outcome. There are no mistakes in love, only moments where you learn, grow, and rebuild. Don't regret the way you loved.

I believe that I will have another chance to see the sunrise on Tebing Keraton, just like how I believe that in time, I will learn to love again. Despite everything, I still believe that true love exist. And that love, is the best thing we do, as a human being. 

And that loving, can never, ever, be a mistake.

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  1. Sedih bacanya. :')
    Aku jg in a realtionship uda hampir 8 tahun dan ongoing. Sejujurnya, aku malah iri loh, kalian bisa ngambil keputusan buat udahan setelah 7tahun bareng. Gapapa kev, percaya deh, ini mungkin yg terbaik, dan percaya juga, kalo emang jodoh, ga kemana kok. hehehe

  2. Semangat yah, Ven. Jadi pas 2013 itu lu udah tunangan? Wah gue gak ngeh. Terlalu asyik sendiri sama dunia gue. 😐



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