From 2020 to My Future Self

Dear my future self,

I'm writing this letter to you from 2020, just to remind you what one hell of a year it has been.

2019 hasn't been kind to you, so you started 2020 brimming with hope and positivity. And that's a good choice, really. Cause you managed to survive half of 2020 thanks to that positive attitude of yours.

When pandemic hit your life, you tried to be the positive voice of reason for your friends dan family. Although what you said or do doesn't seem to get through most of the time, but you've tried your best, and maybe, just maybe, it made a positive impact in their lives. 

Online teaching is not an easy thing to do, but you gave it your all. You re-learned and re-designed everything from scratch. You did a great job in maintaining the quality of your lessons, for the sake of your students. These are the things that you should always remember and be proud of this year.

One of the biggest downfall this year happened when you got betrayed and discarded by that one person who meant the whole world for you. But in the end you have to accept the facts that some people only meant to stay in your life long enough to teach you the lesson that you needed to learn. In the end, all you can do is to accept what is, let go what was, and believe in what will be. That's the lesson that God want to teach you this year.

During the process of healing and moving on, you've been through a lot. You reconnect with some old friends and also met a lot of new people. You got your heart broken a few times, and you also broke some hearts. You rediscover your dreams and purpose in life, and you also redefine your faith in God. But the most important thing is, you reconnect with yourself, you faced your greatest fear, and in the end, you learned how to love yourself even more.

Dear self, I want to congratulate you for surviving 2020. It was a long and difficult journey. Though you are bruised, battered, damaged, and weary, you got stronger and wiser through it.

I sincerely hope 2021 would be a better year for you. Spent more time with those people who matters to you, and never lose faith. Good luck.

With love,

Your 2020 self




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