My 2021 New Year Resolutions

Some people might think that making New Year Resolutions is useless and "New Year, New Me" is a complete cowcrap. Well. I've been doing it since 2009 and so far, it managed to bring some positive changes in my life.

Well I also struggled a lot and most of the time only managed to fulfill just a part of them, but it's still better than nothing, right? Cause small changes in your habit will eventually add up to huge results. No effort is ever wasted.

2020 has been the worst year ever for me. It's the year where the life as we know it ended. It's also the year where I lost the one thing I hold dearest for the last 7 years of my life. I feel sad, alone, broken, betrayed, depressed even. I started getting stomach and liver problems, I even got anxiety attack every now and then. I may look okay outside, but honestly, Im not.

So I will dedicate my 2021 to get back on my feet. First I need to heal up, both physically and mentally. I already started getting treatment and medicine for my physical problems, and so far it's doing great. But mentally? I think Im gonna need more time, and for sure I can't do it alone. So, read on.

Second, I decided that my 2021 would be about reconnecting. I want to spend more time reconnecting with those old friends and acquintances, and I for sure would like to meet new ones. So if any of you who are reading this feel up to it, let's meet and talk, whoever you are. I won't bother you with boring sob stories about my 2020, instead I want to talk with you about life, dreams, future, and positivity. Let's share our life stories. Let's motivate each other.

In the movie The Bucket List (2007), there is one scene that touched me the most. They said that the ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death. After we die, when our souls get to the entrance to heaven, the guards will ask us two questions : “Have you found joy in your life?” and “Has your life brought joy to others?”

That’s why my third goal this year is to reconnect with my faith, reconnect with the universe, reconnect with myself. I want to know where I belong in this grand scheme called life and what I can do to make life better for people around me.

Last but not least, this is the year where I need to prove my self worth. Not to others, but to myself. 

To regain my self worth, I need to live better. 

So, this year...

1. I want to reasses my future plan. 

2. I want to manage my financial better. 

3. I want to get in shape, I'll lose 3kgs each month.

4. I want to read more books, at least one book every month.

5. I want to go to a place I've never been before.

6. I want to make someone smile everyday.

7. I want to cry tears of happiness.

8. I want to start investing.

9. I want to learn a new skill.

10. I want to get back into writing, at least one blog/IG post every week.

11. I want to relearn video editing and start my own channel. I want to make contents about positivity and self-healing.

12. I want to stay positive no matter how hard life may be and spread optimism in every thing that I do and say. (Have been doing it since 2011 and I'll keep doing it)

What about yours? 

What is your resolutions in 2021?


  1. Hi Keven! Semoga 2021 nanti bisa lebih bahagia ya. :)
    and stay safe!

  2. Hiya Kev! Reading this post is like... dang! Tbh I just lost my lil' girl on December after 4 years.

    I don't know, man, just try to live it day by day. Funny thing is I'm not sad. Just...this feeling no word can describe. I wish you a good luck, my friend. Peace!

  3. Semoga tahun 2021 kita menjadi lebih baik lagi ya Kev :D

  4. Hi kak Kev, salam kenal ya Kak. Semoga di tahun 2021 ini banyak impian dan keinginannya tercapai y Kak

  5. Amin! Semoga resolusi tahun 2021 tercapai ya :) Aku pun (maunya) mulai rajin nulis lagi di blog, hihihi. Ayo, sama-sama berusaha. Good luck for us! ;)

  6. Dulu aku sering bikin
    Lately akhirnya terbiasa serba kaget dan berantakan karena jadi ada warna nya hidup ku. Ada menegangkan, mendebarkan dan pahit-pahitnya

    Terlalu terencana bikin hidupku terlalu nikmat sampai-sampai jadi bosen hahahaha
    #Koplak #BecandaKok

    Halo juga Ko Kevennnn
    Miss you too

    Wahh, mengajar dimana Pak Dosen?

  7. nanya bro, yang kmaren operasi di NUH udah sembuh/ga kambuh lagi kan ? rencana kemungkinan mau berobat kesana juga



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